Renaming files and folders

To rename a file or folder left click on the title that you wish to rename once to select it, then right click the title to bring up the options and select rename as seen below:

* If you do not see a rename option in the right click menu it means that you either did not properly select the document as described above, or you do not have permission to rename files or folders on this particular project.  If you feel that this is in error, you should contact the project administrator via the email address at the top of the page labeled "Project Contact" and ask to have file and/or folder renaming permissions granted to you on this project. 

After clicking "Rename" you will see that the file or folder name is now highlighted and there is a cursor there that will allow you to rename it.  When you are done renaming, you can either press "Enter" on your keyboard, or simply click off of the file or folder with your mouse to save.  At this point your file or folder may not be in alpha-numeric order anymore.  You may resort the documents at this time or refresh the page to view them in the proper order.

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