Dynamic and Custom Stamps Not Visible To Others Or Disappear After Closing and Reopening The Document

This article applies to administrators who apply Custom or Dynamic stamps to pdf documents.  Adobe is aware of a problem affecting both Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader versions 10.1.10 and 11.0.07 and has "plans to fix this issue in the next planned updated." [sic].  Until Adobe releases the next version of Acrobat and Reader, you can follow the instructions below to patch your system and resolve the problem.

Stamps don't appear in a Shared Review PDF

For Acrobat and Reader versions 10.1.10 and 11.0.07, dynamic and custom Stamps in a Shared Review PDF are not visible after closing and reopening that PDF. 

When the PDF is reopened, clicking the Publish Comments button shows that "# comments deleted" with "#" showing the number of stamps present in the document.

Adobe plans to fix this issue in the next planned updated. Until then, download the patch below. 


Install the patch:

  1. Verify that the latest version of Acrobat or Reader is installed on your system. To determine which version of you have currently installed, choose Help > About Adobe Reader.
  2. Download the requisite patch below.
  3. Unzip the downloaded file (Right click and choose Extract All).
  4. Double-click the unzipped file to begin the installation process.
  5. When a prompt notifies you that the update is complete, restart your computer.

If you're an administrator, see the Administration Guide in the Enterprise Toolkit (ETK) for deployment and configuration details.

It's necessary to have 10.1.10 or 11.0.07 installed to use these available patches: 

Reference to the original Adobe article:

Mirror of patch files:

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