Printing Approved Drawings with Stamps

The first thing to note is that there are a lot of pdf viewers out there, but only Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat support the remote commenting features used in plan review.  

The easiest way to verify that you're using the correct viewer is to actually the pdf document to your desktop, then once the download is complete, right click the file and select “Open With Adobe Reader/Acrobat”.  If you don't see this option, you should navigate to and download the free adobe reader.  Once the file has completely opened up in reader or acrobat, it should ask you to “Connect” to the server.  You’ll have to click YES here and provide your existing username and password.  Then you should get a welcome screen which you can close.  Then you should see a yellow bar across the top of the viewer that allows you to check for new comments (when there are a lot of comments this process can take a minute or two).  Once the comments have all downloaded and are displaying properly, you have two options.

You can click the print button in adobe reader/acrobat (make sure not to click the browser's print button if viewing in a web browser such as Internet Explorer).  Then make sure that under the "Comments & Forms" heading on the right, "Documents and Markups" is selected. and then click the print button.

You can save the document as an "Archive Copy".  This will embed the stamps that you downloaded into the pdf document and save it.  You can then send that file to others and they won't have to log in or download the stamps.  This is very useful if you want to send the file to a reprograpic firm for copies.  To save as an archive copy, click the picture of the computer with the green check that is located on the right side of the yellow bar within the viewer.  Then select "Save as Archive Copy" and select a location to save the new file.

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