Opening documents in a new tab

The current release of Internet Explorer requires that you change a couple of settings in order for documents to open in a new tab properly.  Follow these steps in order to properly configure your browser:

1.  Open Internet Explorer and click "Tools > Internet Options"

2.  Click on the "General" tab

3.  Click on the "Settings" button under the "Tabs" heading as seen below


4.  Then check the following two options as shown below

5.  Then click OK twice to confirm your changes.

6.  From the project page, left click a document to select it in blue, then right click the file and select "Open in New Tab".

7.  You may get a message at the top of your screen that says "Pop-up blocked.".  If you see this message, you should click the yellow bar and select "Always Allow Pop-ups from This Site..." as seen below.  The page will then automatically refresh and you will need to try opening the document in a new tab again.

8.  The document that you selected should now open in a new tab and you should automatically be redirected to this new tab.

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