We've deployed special technology to allow users of the free adobe acrobat viewer to perform on screen measurements with documents that have been uploaded to the website.  This page illustrates how you can take advantage of this special feature.

Begin by viewing a pdf document on the website.  If you don't see the measurement tool in the toolbar , right click the acrobat reader toolbar and select "More Tools" as seen below.

Then check the measuring tool and click ok.

You should now see the measuring tool in the pdf toolbar.  If the measurement tool appears in the middle of the page, you can drag the button onto the pdf toolbar to dock it there.  Next click on the measuring tool  to enter measurement mode.  You should see a new set of buttons that allow you to select a snap type and a measurement type. 

The Measurement Types box will allow you to select whether you would like to perform a linear, perimeter, or area measurement.  Click on the linear measurement button as seen above.

Next, we will need to set the scale of the drawing.  You should see the drawing scale printed on the document, typically in the title block.  Right click the drawing and select "Change Scale Ratio" and enter the drawing scale and click OK. (you must be in measurement mode for this option to be available, if you do not see this option, click on the measuring tool  then try again).

Now you can test your calibration by measuring a known dimension.

After making your measurements, you can save a copy to your local computer for future reference.  Perimeter and area measurements work very similarly to the linear measurement feature, just make sure to select the proper measurement type before starting your measurement.  After creating a measurement, you can right click it and select properties to change the color or style of the markup.

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