Responding to comments

During the resubmittal process you may find that there are some open comments that need to be addressed in order to resubmit your revised documents.  After navigating to your project from the Submittal Overview, you should see a section that says "Open Comments".  This will contain an itemized list of the issues that need to be resolved before your project is approved.  The list found here should match the list of comments found in your Comment Letter that should have been sent to you when the review cycle was closed out.

Click the + button to expand the comments section.  If the current review cycle has not yet been closed out, you may see a message that states that you do not have permission to view comments at this time, in this case the open comments should become visible once the cycle is closed where you can then respond.

You can reply to a comment for clarification by clicking the  reply button.

Once you've finished with your response click the submit button to continue.

Some review agencies require that each open issue be responded to before resubmitting while others do not.

If you choose to do so, you may Invite Consultants to reply to their respective open comments on your behalf.

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