Uploading documents (Plan Review)

There are several requirements that must be met before you are able to upload your plan review documents:

  • You must be logged into the website.
  • You must have already filled out the application form in whole.
  • You must either be the original applicant or have been granted permission to upload.
  • If resubmitting, the current review cycle must already be complete (you cannot upload during the middle of a review cycle).

After navigating to the project page (You can return to your plan review project by logging in and clicking the "Submittals" button in the navigation menu on the left and then clicking on the appropriate project title) you should see a Yellow caution symbol as seen below.  If you do not see the yellow caution sign, it may mean that you either don't have permission to upload, or that the current review cycle has not been completed.

Click the "Upload Documents" button to begin the upload process.  You should see the upload screen presented below which lists the acceptable file formats and will allow you to select and upload your documents.

Pressing the green + symbol seen above will allow you to browse your computer or network and select the documents that you wish to upload as seen below.

once you navigate to the folder that contains your documents you can select multiple documents by using one of two methods:

Select a range of documents: Click on the first document in the list, then hold the shift key while clicking the last document in the list.  This will select a range of documents.  Click Open once your documents have been selected (You can always add more documents later by clicking the green + symbol again).

Select individual documents: While holding the Ctrl key, click on each document that you wish to select.  This will allow you to select multiple individual documents. Click Open once your documents have been selected (you can always add more documents later by clicking the green + symbol again).

We reccomend that if you have more than 100mb worth of files to upload that you split your upload into several smaller batches.  Once You've selected your documents, you can use the red - symbol to remove individual documents.

You now have the option of selecting the type and size of documents that you're uploading along with an optional text message that will accompany the documents when uploaded.

Once you're happy with your document selection, click the "Upload" button to begin submitting your documents.  You should see a blue progress bar that will indicate how far along you are in the process.  Should the upload fail, you should retry splitting your upload into several smaller upload batches.  Extremely large uploads are sometimes prone to failure depending on your internet connection.

You can view the files that you've uploaded at any time by scrolling down to the bottom of the project page and expanding the appropriate submittal number folder.

You must confirm your submittal package before your project will be submitted for review.


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I have a septic tank problem....I was told to find the website Wmson.IDTplans.com, sign up, receive an email confirmation, then sign back in under Septic failure repair. I was told that I would have to pay a $25.00 fee and then a $100.00 fee. This all seemed very easy; however, I have only been able to register. I have found no helpful info. This is the support area; however, I cannot seem to find the answer to what do I
do to repair my septic tank??? Please advise.

Ruth Wingfield (June 7, 2018 at 12:33 AM)

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