02. Plan Review Overview

Why submit for review electronically?
  • You'll save money because less printed plan sets are required for submittal.
  • You'll save time because documents no longer need to be shipped or delivered and all disciplines can be reviewed concurrently.
  • All project activity is recorded automatically and available for your review.
  • If the reviewer chooses, you'll be able to begin responding to one disciplines comments before the entire review is completed.
  • All comments are organized clearly by plan sheet with links to the redlined online document versions and available in pdf format.
  • The work load can be split by allowing the architect respond to the architectural comments while the engineer responds to the engineering comments simultaneously.


A brief overview of how it works.

    The process begins by registering to the website and choosing a username and password.  After logging in, you can fill out a plan review application form which will create a private project and grant access to upload your documents.  After uploading your documents, you will need to confirm your submittal package and pay the required plan review fees (if any).  Once you confirm your submittal package, you will no longer be able to upload any documents or modify the application form until the review cycle has been completed.
    Reviewers are then assigned to your project begin reviewing your project documents.  As issues arise they create comments, and markup the documents for clarity, but you will be unable to view these comments until the reviewer releases them to you.  Once the review cycle has been completed, a comment letter is created that contains all of the reviewer comments in pdf format.  Comments are organized by sheet and links are provided to the online document versions that have been marked up for clarity.  At this time you are sent an email notification that includes the comment letter in pdf format and granted permission to view the comments and document markups online, reply to the comments, upload new document versions and/or modify the application form.  
    Once you receive your email notification, you can log in and begin replying to the comments.  If you choose, you may invite your consultants to help manage the project.  This allows the architect to respond and upload new versions of the architectural drawings while the engineer does the same.  Once all comments have been replied to and the new document set uploaded, you can confirm your new submittal package which starts review cycle number two and the process repeats all over again.
    When the project is approved, you will be sent another notification email stating that the project is either approved or approved as noted.  At this time you will need to pay any remaining fees that have been assessed during the review process such as sewer connections etc (if any).  After all fees have been paid, you will be able to submit a hard copy of your plans for your signature set.

More Information

For your convenience, we've provided a diagram of the plan review submittal workflow and an outline of the plan review submittal process below.  Just click on any of the topics below for detailed information about that topic.

Workflow diagram

Account Registration
Submitting a new project for review
    Creating a new application
    Inviting consultants
    Uploading documents   
    Confirming your submittal package
Submittal reminders
Checking project status
    Inviting consultants
    Responding to comments
    Modifying the application
    Uploading revised documents
    Confirming your submittal package

Should you have any questions not addressed by the topics above, please feel free to use the support menu to contact us.

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