Selecting files and folders

The document management interface provides the ability to select one or more files and/or folders.  This is usefull if you wish to:

Download documents
Order documents for reproduction
Copy files and folders
Cut files and folders

To select multiple files and folders, you can use a combination of two methods:

1.  You can select a range of files and folders by left clicking the first one in a list, then holding your "Shift" key on your keyboard while left clicking the last one in the list.  This will select all files and folders in between the two items that you clicked on.

2.  You can hold your "Ctrl" key on your keyboard while left clicking individual files or folders.  This will allow you to select and de-select files and folders individually.  If you accidentially highlight a file or folder that you didn't mean to highlight, you can hold "Ctrl" and click it again to de-select it.

Selecting a folder also selects all files and subfolders within that folder.

After you have selected some files and folders, you can:

Click the "Download" button to download the selected files and folders
Click the "Order" button to order reproductions of the selected files and folders
Right click any of the selected items to view the options menu as seen below:

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